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  1. Seems like you'll have some great options, whether it's Michigan State, or the other places you've been interviewed or waitlisted at!
  2. Nice! I'm wondering why they're waiting to give responses/denials to applicants aside from the 8 who were interviewed
  3. spoke on the phone with the admissions office today, and was told that applicants should hear back in the next couple of weeks
  4. Thanks, that's reassuring! I was also wondering if anyone has any info about / personal experience with the funding from TC? How much of the tuition is exempt, and how is the stipend (if any was provided)? From what I understand, a lot of this varies between department and degree (masters vs phd) but I'm just curious if anyone has info about this?
  5. So I applied to Columbia Teacher's College School Psychology PhD program in November, and I was wondering if competitive applicants are contacted for interviews? I applied in November and have not heard a word yet. I think that the interview process varies per department (not all programs require an interview at TC), so I was wondering if anyone had any experience specifically with the school psychology program. Also, there's a chance that I may have seriously fucked up... I remember submitting a Resume but not a CV (I don't think that Teachers College required a CV, which I found surprising, but I could have possibly overlooked or misunderstood that in the application). Did other people applying to TC submit a CV? anyone remember if it was required? I may have f*cked up, but there's always next year (I only applied to two programs lol) although a gap year or two between grad and undergrad wouldn't be the worst.
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