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  1. What's up with their being Harvard and Princeton acceptances so far, but no rejections? Is admissions for these two schools on a rolling basis?
  2. hey a few people posted about interviews at harvard, anyone know more about that? should i take not having received an interview request by now to mean that's a no?
  3. Just had my interview with Cambridge this morning: a lot of them seem to be going on now. Was told I would hear back within 4 weeks (though I am an MPhil there, so that may only apply to me, and not outside applicants for the PhD).
  4. Hey! I would really appreciate it if anyone has any info on PhD applications to Cambridge or Columbia. I have heard nothing back from either program–are they just behind, or should I be worried?
  5. Did anyone else apply for a PhD at Cambridge? If so, have you heard anything?
  6. Like, was it a generic email sent out, or a more specific one to you? And congratulations!
  7. Were any of you, by chance, the one who reported getting into Princeton? Might you have any extra information on that?
  8. Has anyone received any manner of update about a PhD at Cambridge? I've seen people post masters updates, but nothing about doctorates (even interview notifications).
  9. And another rejection from Oxford. Oh well!
  10. Just got my first rejection, from Yale. Best to all those that got it, best to all those still looking
  11. What was it like? And did they tell you anything about timeline/what type of people were interviewed/etc?
  12. Would be interested to hear what PIs responded with interviews!
  13. Do you know if they've been doing interviews at all?
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