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  1. Lets not get into a tiff whether or not someone should withdrawal applications or not as it is an individuals decision alone. I will most likely withdrawal mine from some 40-60s programs I applied to, but will definitely wait out Minny, Davis, Texas, and Vandy as they are all top 25 with some scholars in pol. psych I would love to work under (Luskin at Texas). Also, I think it was safe to assume I'm a male as I stupidly have a pic with my profile (why do I still have fb anyways?) This is a great community and I am so glad my mentor recommended it to me. You guys are
  2. No interview was necessary. I received a long, personalized email from a member in the department congratulating me with a few mentions from details of my packet. They did offer to set-up a phone call to chat further but did not make it seem like my acceptance was contingent upon it.
  3. Thanks for the info and I will definitely do this later today ?
  4. Woke up to an acceptance email from UNC this morning and am still in complete shock. I applied just because, and honestly never expected to get in, especially after being rejected from Arizona two weeks ago on what I imagine was the first round of cuts. Still waiting on Texas, Vandy, UC Davis, and Minnesota but I don't think I can pass up UNC. I'll be American with a focus on behavior/psychology.
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