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  1. I got into Elliot too, im waiting to hear back for funding, and trying to decide whether getting a loan is worth it or not. Given that DC is pretty expensive im wondering whether to go or just go to UF for a masters.
  2. thank you too much for your advise! I applied to two Masters programs( one of them in the same school I did my undergrad) and im expecting to get any decisions after March 15 so im just waiting now. I will talk it out with my advisor and see what she says, it also puts me in a weird position having to ask the same recommenders to go through the process again next year.
  3. that you guys for your advise!! I am finding myself really lost seeing that I might not go to grad school straight from undergrad, but still ill just work on my application and resume. ps. This is really funny as I didn't realize this was the English Lit PhD forum.
  4. I'm seeing myself in this spot this year, the plan was to go straight for the phd(as someone who plans everything in life ) but I don't see it happening the way that things are going. if I get into the MA that I applied would you recommend me to accept it? I would have to get loans to be able to afford it and I don't know if that is a wise decision, or if I should just wait for the next cycle and work on my applications and GRE. I know this isn't my post but if anyone has any advice I would really appreciate it.
  5. I was told they were still making decisions, but I'm not 100% sure.
  6. I dreamt I was accepted into my first choice, was super happy throughout the dream and it felt very real; only to wake up, check my email and be disappointed as there was nothing.. nothing at all
  7. Honestly ND and Pitt were my top choices, given my research interests and all of that, but well I guess waiting is all I can do, im honestly trying to stay positive throughout this whole process which is not as easy as I thought
  8. I applied there too, was hopeful until today, I mean we might still make it, I wish you the best of luck. (comparative politics too)
  9. praying that you are right, so I can stop checking my email every five minutes. anyways, I'm thankful for this forum somehow my stress kind go diminishes reading your comments(my anxiety however keeps growing)
  10. I am waiting to hear back for Poli Science, as of now it has been radio silence, I have been checking the results page, and I think only two people have gotten interviews.
  11. yep. Im even checking the junk folder just in case, hoping I will hear something by Friday
  12. I haven't heard back from anyone, I feel like I already have been rejected, the silence is killing any hopes I had. Still trying to stay positive
  13. @brighteyes at least you had interviews, I think that it means you have a chance. So far I haven't heard from any school that I applied (8 of them ). I mean mines are also suppose to start replying on Feb and March, and I haven't heard of anyone that has gotten accepted to my programs yet, but still this is awful
  14. @TheHoff I keep checking my email, overtime it rings I get chills. I just wish I heard at least from one, that way my anxiety would kind of diminish. At this point my safe school is not even safe anymore, this is just too stressful .
  15. Im glad im not the only one, I haven't been able to concentrate in anything at all. I open my email every five minutes as if something was going to change. Doesn't help that two of my schools have sent emails already, but not to me
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