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  1. VoidFish

    WWS Fall 2019

    Can confirm! I also got into the PhD program on the 8th via email. Did anyone else apply/get in?
  2. VoidFish

    Columbia SIPA 2019

    I should add that I got in! I had a separate scholarship letter posted at the bottom - 25% tuition!
  3. VoidFish

    Columbia SIPA 2019

    Decisions are out folks!
  4. VoidFish

    Georgetown MSFS

    Has anyone heard from the Security Studies program?
  5. VoidFish

    Columbia SIPA 2019

    I can't access the blog at the moment
  6. VoidFish

    2019 Results

    I'm in at Fletcher - 10% funding
  7. VoidFish

    Tufts Fletcher - Early Notification 2019

    Reporting RD acceptance
  8. VoidFish

    WWS Fall 2019

    When should PhD applicants expect to be notified?
  9. VoidFish

    2018-2019 Application Thread


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