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  1. Me too. Bummer, but I was sort of expecting it based on the results board. Maybe next year!
  2. @sugilite Thanks. Perhaps it would depend if this particular professor is usually on the adcomm. 🤷‍♂️
  3. So one of the two faculty I mention in my Brandeis SoP is on sabbatical. Does this mean they could be waiting for him to review my app or am I being too hopeful? Anyone have experience with this situation?
  4. I’m still waiting for a Brandeis decision. In my view, if you haven’t heard, you are still in the running until you’ve heard otherwise from the program! We can be hopeful. Best of luck!
  5. Then I’ll subscribe to your hopefulness. I haven’t heard a peep from any program.
  6. Sorry to hear that. I haven’t heard from any programs yet, so you’ll most likely catch me here next year too. All the best to you!
  7. Right. I'm expecting some rejections to be mixed in today as well. SOMETHING. On a separate issue, am I the only person here who has gotten no answer either way from any grad program?! I'm totally in the dark. After today, I think I shall safely assume I am in the "shutout" category. 🤷‍♂️
  8. Okay folks, that's a wrap. Looks like a singular acceptance to Brown's PhD this year! Just kidding. Trying to provide some levity. 😂
  9. Seconding the congratulations on the Brown acceptance, whoever you are! Cheers!
  10. @Englishtea1 It’s a great program with awesome faculty. That’s so cool. Congrats again!
  11. @Englishtea1 That’s great news. Congratulations! What was the event like? I’m still waiting to hear from them, but I don’t have too much hope because I wasn’t invited to the pre-admission event or contacted for an interview.
  12. That’s awesome! Still nothing for me, though. Maybe they send acceptances randomly over a few days. Not much info from previous years either.
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