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  1. dangermouse

    2019 Applicants

    i agree - i think this is absolutely an important and comforting thing to keep in mind during what can be an intensely self-flagellating experience - it is sometimes difficult to remember that there are ways of pursuing a passion for literary criticism outside of The Academy(tm), and that these ways are just as legitimate even if externally they don't feel as real or as concrete as being enrolled in a university and going to classes. this thread alone shows how much conversation and inspiration we can find and create outside of the classroom!! so i am determined over the next month or two to really dig deep into reminding myself how much enjoyment i can have with reading and writing criticism, and enjoying the lack of constraints that i currently have on what i want to research/explore/develop. maybe i'll finally read infinite jest?! the world is truly all before us.
  2. dangermouse

    2019 Applicants

    i LOVE happy birthday johnny! i'm a big fan of all the variants of slow disco; i also really love the piano version of saviour. i remember not being convinced by pills as much as the other tracks on my first few listens but naybe i should give it another go!
  3. dangermouse

    2019 Applicants

    @The Wordsworthian on spotify last year my #1 top song played was visions of gideon which i think shows you exactly what sort of mental fire-staring state i was in for a lot of it haha. @flungoutofspace i LOVE st vincent! i've had the piano versions of MassEducation on repeat for the last few weeks.
  4. dangermouse

    2019 Applicants

    @Englishtea1 congrats !! what's your field/area of interest? do colours appear differently now?
  5. dangermouse

    2019 Applicants

    i do a lot of walking so i get through a decent amount of lit that way! i love historical fiction, horror.. i read a decent amount of fantasy as well but i think i've got a bit burned out on it now so have struggled to get into it recently. how about you?!
  6. dangermouse

    2019 Applicants

    @rxing963 i'm actually reading dune at the moment! well, listening to it on audiobook. i'm not the biggest fan of sci fi as a genre and so i'm pretty new to it, but i am enjoying dune SO much and have found it very readable and accessible whilst still being a very clever work. me and my dad are going to see a screening of the film in mid february so i'm trying to finish the book in time for that.
  7. dangermouse

    2019 Applicants

    @pdh12 congrats on the interview!! i got an offer from the university of york in england today (!) - it's slightly less exciting because funding information isn't released until march so it's not really an actual acceptance, BUT it is still a thrill to know that someone read something i wrote and liked it!
  8. dangermouse

    2019 Applicants

    i am feeling woefully theory-dumb in comparison to some of the conversation on this thread, but i can't wait to get stuck in to those pdfs and Expand My Literary Horizons! will have a think about what i can offer in return when i emerge.
  9. dangermouse

    2019 Applicants

    @kendalldinniene that is super exciting - as someone who has experienced very little of the US, i have always said chicago is the one place i have dreamed of living if i ever made a permanent move overseas, so please vicariously live out my dream for me! long term goals on my end... i'd like to move back to london if i don't get onto any phds, and i have a lot of friends there currently so that seems quite doable and exciting all in one! i'm also currently working on a novel (holla @ everyone's poetry/fiction discussion a couple of pages back) and my ambition is to finish, revise the hell out of it, and send it out to agents so that should give me some good post-rejection distraction if i need it! i'm working in academic publishing currently but i'd love to move towards more trade publishing in the next couple of years maybe - who knows!
  10. dangermouse

    2019 Applicants

    on the MA discussion, i completed my MA (or... well, they called it a Master of Studies to be #different) at oxford this summer, which was luckily fully funded. i mostly did it because in the UK where i'm from, you have to have a master's degree to apply to phd programmes and it wasn't until this year that i realized other systems don't necessarily require it - but i'm glad i did it, and hopefully it will show in my applications that i feel a lot more prepared for doctoral study?! we can but hope... @placeinspace i read that article and felt like it had reached through the screen and punched me in the face. but like, a tender, sympathetic punch.
  11. dangermouse

    LOR Reminders

    i'm sure that my professors potentially saw through this excuse, but when i had to remind one of my recommenders i basically wrote something along the lines of asking if they had received all the email requests because another of my letter writers had lost some of the emails to their spam filter, and then gently adding 'i believe X's deadline is on the 15th so let me know if you haven't received that one and i can resend it.' if they did see through it, they replied very promptly and politely to assure me they were writing the letter and they had just been very busy from end of term stuff, so i don't think they took any offense either way! but i don't think there is anything wrong with being more explicit as long as it's done politely as Marie80 suggests :)
  12. dangermouse

    2019 Applicants

    i'm very glad i didn't leave submitting my apps to the last minute... my bank has NOT been pleased to be hammered by so many foreign transactions and has blocked 2/4 payments so far 😛 if only that was a decent enough excuse to get out of paying at all...
  13. dangermouse

    SOP Review

    i'd be happy to help - feel free to PM it to me :×)
  14. @kgras13 i don't mention my papers by name, but i give a brief overview of the main argument - so i wouldn't say 'In the winter term, I wrote a paper entitled XYZ' but i WOULD say 'In the winter term, I wrote a paper on X and Y, arguing that....' which i think gives you more content than the paper name and fits more naturally into a sentence.
  15. dangermouse

    2019 Applicants

    @jadeisokay again very much not an expert, but i was speaking to someone at UNC about writing sample related queries and they stressed the importance of a succinct sample and advocated for the minimum rather than maximum page limit - as it's only approximately 20, i would hazard a guess that the adcomm will welcome your 15 page paper

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