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  1. Hi! So I go to Iona for undergrad and honestly I can say that they have overprepared me for the future. I was an undergrad student clinician and learned so so much. It is relatively new, which means the clinic is really nice and the technology is pretty modern. I feel like the professors are nice and want the best for you but the clinic supervisors have mixed reviews. If you have more questions, let me know!
  2. I applied to 10, wish that I had applied to less because so far I've been accepted to 9 and just waiting to hear back from one more. I honestly have no idea what to do now. But I guess that's a good problem to have.
  3. Yes! just got the email a couple hours ago!
  4. Help! So I've applied to 10 grad schools for Speech Pathology because I was terrified that I was not going to get accepted anywhere, but so far, I have been accepted to 8 schools. (Still waiting to hear back from SJU and Hofstra). I know that this is a good problem to have, however, I feel so lost. I kept doubting that I would get in, and felt like the decision would be made for me based on my acceptances/rejections. If anyone has any input on any of these schools I would really appreciate it! I want to work in a school so preferably a college where I can get my TSSLD. So far Ive been accepted to: Iona College, Adelphi, Pace, Mercy, LIU Post, LIU Brooklyn, William Patterson and as of today, NYU- Steinhardt. I would appreciate all feedback/ information that anyone has on these programs! Thanks!
  5. I got accepted into Iona and LIU Post. Just had an interview with Pace on Friday and have another one with Mercy next Thursday. Still waiting to hear back from NYU, Adelphi, WIlliam Patterson, LIU Brooklyn, St.Johns, and Hofstra. My friend got accepted to St.Johns but I guess they send out acceptances at different times
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