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  1. I interviewed March 1st as well and still haven’t heard back. It’s getting ridiculous if I have to make a decision by April 15th. It’s not fair to make us wait this long.
  2. Have people who applied for the fall not heard back yet?
  3. Hi! I am going to the Hofstra open house on Sunday and I am really excited because I think this may be my top choice. Does anyone know any more info about the program and is anyone else going to be there on Sunday??
  4. Have people heard back from the regular campus program at Emerson? I haven’t heard yet and wondering if there were other people who haven’t heard back either.
  5. I haven’t heard back yet either. I called the other day and she looked at my application and said it was still under review, that they send decisions in waves. She said I would hear back mid/late March but I would assume it would be any day now?? I check every 5 mins it’s unhealthy
  6. I am in the same boat and I have a friend who is a first year at Hofstra and loves it!! The things I know for sure is Hofstra has a way smaller cohort size which makes everyone very close which I love! Also my friend mentioned that Hofstra is considered the best program on LI. I’m leaning towards Hofstra but still want to visit both.
  7. Are these all acceptances? Do you think they’re doing those first?? I still haven’t heard!!
  8. Did you get an email that it was posted? Or did you just log into you’re portal at 5 and it was there?
  9. Just got accepted to Hofstra!!!! Did anyone else hear back from them?
  10. Do you know when they released their decisions in years past/ when we might hear this year?
  11. Congrats everyone!! Did anyone else get waitlisted?
  12. I’ve heard that there is a writing sample, a group activity and 3 individual 5 minute interviews. I didn’t get specifics other than that and to not be worried about it!!
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