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  1. Hi all! I will be attending SFU in the fall for my MPH and wanted to know if anyone had any pointers about the school, program, off campus housing/areas, and social life within the province Also would love some recommendations of places to travel to or see within the province as well as other provinces.
  2. Yes, SFU! Acceptance letters/emails will continue to go out until May.
  3. Hang in there; I am an international student and I was accepted to my school of choice last week. It’s hard to say how they base everything, but know that acceptance letters for certain schools will continue to go out from now until May. Don’t lose hope!
  4. I got a entrance scholarship too I want to be apart of the group too!
  5. Thank you! The email came at 2:04pm pacific time. I am from Los Angeles,CA, USA. Wishing you the best of luck!
  6. I was accepted today too! I received the email first and saw the update in the portal! This was the only school I applied to so I am * SCREAMING*
  7. Hey, yes it is for international students too. I’m from the US and I applied to SFU where they stated in their MPH program page that they required the stats course for anyone applying, including international students. It did not state whether you could substitute the stats course for the GRE and I did not see the GRE even mentioned anywhere on the MPH/MsC program pages. I would suggest giving them a call though and confirming because you never know what they might say! To be safe though I would also complete a stats course, they have more info here: https://www.sfu.ca/content/dam/sfu/fhs/future-students/graduate/documents/Statistics course recommendations for MPH students Fall 2018 entry.pdf
  8. I have not heard back from SFU either for the MPH. *fingers crossed* When I inquired late last year about early admission the lady I spoke with with in the department advised they do not do early admission, but that acceptance letters should start going out within the first two weeks of March. Hoping this is true because the waiting game is tough!😂
  9. I am super ANXIOUS. I applied to one grad school in Canada and I was told acceptance letters would start being sent out early March, yet I can’t stop checking my application status in hopes I will see an admitted status update😂😭😭😭😂 I am also nervous because I am trying to move to Canada for a better quality of life and this is my best shot of getting my foot in the door. I am from the USA.
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