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  1. Hi! I was wondering did someone in your class make a fb group or did the department reach out to you to tell you there is one? Or does your class not have a fb group?
  2. Hi! I just got accepted off the waitlist! So excited to meet everyone!
  3. Thanks for letting me know! Hopefully I hear from them soon
  4. Hi! I just declined my waitlist position at Loyola. Hope this helps someone on the waitlist!
  5. Hi! Im currently waitlisted in tier 1 for pacific university and was wondering if anyone knew how many people they take off the waitlist? I know they probably get back to us after the 15th but I am debating if I should accept another school just incase I don't end up getting off the waitlist.
  6. Has anyone heard from SJSU yet? I haven't seen anything on the results page yet and was just wondering when they typically get back to people.
  7. Thanks for the info guys! I'm planning to make a trip out soon so I can see the campus and talk to some of their faculty.
  8. Hi guys, I was accepting to midwestern a while back and was wondering if anyone knew anything about the funding and financial aid? I really like the school but its too expensive for me and i am not sure if the school gives enough funding to go there.
  9. Hi guys, I was recently waitlisted at Pacific University in tier 1 and it is one of my top choices. I just had a couple questions regarding some stuff since i wasn't able to go in person. - Is the university affiliated with any hospitals in socal? and is it easy to find a rotation in another state if your not from Oregon? - Also how is funding like? are you able to get federal loans to cover everything? or did most people take out private loans?
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