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  1. Undergrad Institution: Unpopular International University (Top in the country)Major(s): Cell and Molecular BiologyGPA in Major: 3.9Overall GPA: 3.6Position in Class: Top 5Type of Student: International Graduate Institution: State University in the NorthwestMajor(s): Molecular BiosciencesOverall GPA: 3.22 GRE Scores (revised/old version):Q: 156 (63%)V: 165 (95%)W: 4.0 (59%)Research Experience: 4 years in a plant molecular genetics lab; 3 years in enzyme engineering/cancer research lab; 1 year in molecular endocrinology lab Applying to Where: University of Michigan
  2. 5 days left. excited. nervous.

    1. newms


      Have a good trip!

    2. Strangefox


      Have a safe trip!

      [As for me: 9 days left!!! OMG!!!! :)))]

    3. Zouzax


      got here two weeks ago, its amazing! im sure youll love it too!

  3. I guess the display depends on the browser. Using Chrome, I still see those blue and faded folders; using IE those dots and stars appear.
  4. I'm using Chrome and I am seeing those blue folders, no dots, no stars.
  5. I'm sure those that are coming would be very helpful as well. Thank you very much!
  6. Finally booked my flight!

    1. newms


      Sweet - counting down the days now:)

  7. The Exams sub-forum is new as well, right?
  8. I was surprised to see the site's new look and I'm starting to like it. Congrats on the upgrade!
  9. Anyone tried Liberica or Baraco coffee?
  10. Strangefox, have you tried asking current graduate students in your university who are also international students (non-resident aliens)? Some of them might be using CUs and can help point you in the right direction.
  11. Strangefox, thank you for asking all those great questions. I was supposed to ask those here but I just can't seem to find time to do so. I appreciate all the answers as well. I am planning to create an account with the CU instead of a bank.
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