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  1. I was told by a very experienced faculty member at Cornell that being an Americanist is the luckiest thing when it comes to PhD admissions. He said that the number of candidates who want to work on American Politics is way lower than IR or CP. In that sense, I believe the adcoms are reviewing applications by subfields so maybe in the next couple of weeks, we'll see more AP admissions.
  2. This year the OSU updated the decisions (for admits I believe) on the portal and have not sent an email yet. And as far as the Gradcafe results show, it was the case last year, too.
  3. Claiming one of the Ohio State (OSU) acceptances. Comparative politics subfield.
  4. For PhD applicants at HGSE for Fall 2021, HGSE just announced this: Given the fiscal constraints on our institution presented by the continuously evolving COVID-19 pandemic, HGSE has made the difficult decision not to accept doctoral applications for fall 2021 enrollment. We are pausing admissions for our fully-funded doctoral programs in order to uphold our commitment to maintaining program quality and strong support for our current students. At this time, the next application cycle is expected to have a December 2021 application deadline for fall 2022 enrollment. Complete the Introduce
  5. I believe they still do accept students for Fall 2020, also some PhD programs are open for part-time studies. However, I also know that all the financial aid has already been allocated.
  6. According to the information on the website, the maximum amount of financial aid they would offer is 19k, considering the total amount ask for the year is 57k, even the maximum amount of financial aid is going to leave you with almost 40k debt. I am not sure if it is worth taking that big of a loan for a 1-year M.Ed.
  7. As a SOAS alumni, I definitely recommend choosing Development Studies there. I studied Global Diplomacy which is rather close to what you aim to study and it opened a lot of doors for me. Especially in development studies, SOAS is pretty well known with some good rankings.
  8. WELL YOU WANT IT... So I got admitted to a PhD program that that I finally decide to attend. I had had 4 other offers, some even higher ranked schools that the one I accepted to join. I rejected all those 4 offers and accepted this program. Then what happened? This school emailed me and said that they had to cancel all the admissions for my program. So they had to rescind all the offers they made. Probably because of COVID19. I was shocked. I contacted all the other 4 schools I rejected and asked if I could be reconsidered for the position. They said that they already gav
  9. Quoting myself and updating for folks who messaged me to show support. The university that rescinded all the offers because of COVID19 has actually contacted me to ask me if I would consider attending their MA program. Having got 4 other offers (but having had rejected all of them) and already having an MA in PoliSci, I rejected their offer. Thankfully, another university that I got admitted offered me my position back. I gladly accepted it. At the end, it (kinda) all worked out for me. It was a whirlwind of a year and an application cycle. I will be back next application cycle for
  10. Is the school you mention UIC? If so, that’s how they process admitted students. At least it was like that in my case.
  11. It is indeed possible, one of the schools that admitted me to their PhD program recently rescinded all the offers and put the program into hiatus.
  12. Unfortunately I have to refute what you are saying because a school that offered me a position has just rescinded its offers for all the political science admits. I don't think anything is crystal clear at the moment. Let alone admissions and funding, schools generally avoid giving certain answers to questions regarding next terms.
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