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  1. If you do retake the test and want to improve on your awa, you can try submitting an essay to AWAProfessor and the feedback will be really helpful. They even taught me the secrets of official essay graders (3 full pages worth). Google them!
  2. If you are applying for academic positions, then research should be featured first
  3. Mentioning the contact you had with the professor will certainly help. If he likes you enough, I'm sure he can pull some strings to get you in there
  4. That really depends. I know some schools are really strict about this and require your transcript to be in physical copy, signed and sealed even. My advice would be to ask the Admissions team of the schools you are applying to just to be sure!
  5. 😨 I thought 6 - 9 months will do it
  6. Yes, the info in this thread is very helpful indeed
  7. I think preparing for general questions should suffice
  8. Good eye for noticing the change in Status Date! I wonder if it is because they are doing some backend processing of your application.
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