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  1. I'm headed to start at Molecular Genetics this fall! I'm a Canadian citizen but live in the U.S, so I'm hoping I'll be able to physically make it there but I don't think Covid-19 will fully be a thing of the past for quite some time. We shall see!
  2. I've gotten so many rejections this week I feel you... it's tough out there. I also applied to BBS and have heard nothing. It's a big program so maybe they do waves? I've lost my optimism though mostly.
  3. now I've seen both interview requests and rejections and still have received no info... anyone else in the same boat?
  4. does anyone know if U Washington MCB has sent out all of their invites? it's my favorite program and I saw a few results go by so I'm feeling scared
  5. 2 of my schools have people posting interview results today (UCSF and U Washington) and I have not heard from either, so not sure if I should take that as a rejection or if they do it over multiple days
  6. basically same as title, but I was wondering if there's any chance programs will write about interviews during the weekend? Not sure whether I should keep frantically checking my email or just unplug and enjoy myself
  7. Undergrad Institution: Wesleyan University (liberal arts school)Major(s): Molecular Biology and BiochemistryGPA in Major: 3.60Overall GPA: 3.56 Type of Student: Domestic, white femaleDid not take GRE. Research Experience: 2 summers full time at a leading gene-editing biotech company 3 semesters in a genetics lab on campus by the time I graduate Internship teaching stem cell culture to high school students 3 months of conservation field research in Patagonia Awards/Honors/Recognitions: nothing significant Pertinent Activities or Jobs: my
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