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  1. I had the opposite, had a dream I didn't get a single interview and had to tell my fiancee that we were not going to get to move anywhere.
  2. Just a heads up, due to recommendation portal issues a recommender never received an email to upload a recommendation. I had cancelled the recommendation and added an alternate email address which worked and that person uploaded their letter last Wednesday. Got an email today that my application was incomplete due to this cancelled recommendation still not being completed. Called program coordinator to correct the issue and after some difficulty understanding, she realized what I was saying and remedied the problem. It was University of Southern Miss counseling psychology. Also, same recommender had issue at Texas Tech counseling psychology upload. Called the graduate school and hers was uploaded, but another recommender's file had an error message when trying to open. That recommender is emailing directly tonight. Texas Tech was the only program I could not see the status of the recommendation letters. So make sure if you can not see the recommendation letter status that they are in fact viewable and submitted, and if you have cancelled a recommendation be sure that it is not marking your application as incomplete. Good luck to all!
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