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  1. I don't know if this is pertinent information to anyone here because it's technically a psych program but UChicago Integrative Neuro sent out interviews yesterday. Edit: Sorry I didn't know people would be so upset that I posted this here. I'm not quite sure how to delete the comment? But I posted it here because integrative neuro and neurbio at Uchicago are very similar in curriculum and have a lot of faculty overlap so I wasn't sure if some people here applied to the integrative neuro program instead of neurobio. I personally applied to mostly neuro/bio programs but at uchicago chose integrative neuro instead of neurobio because it has better funding
  2. Their website says they review small batches of applications every monday until march-ish I believe. One interview date I was offered was March 27th so I would say look out for an email on Tuesdays between now until march. If it helps to know I submitted my app on Dec 1st
  3. Does anyone know if CU Boulder and UC Berkeley are done sending out interview invites? I emailed CU Boulder like 2 weeks ago and they haven't responded to me.....
  4. I emailed them this past friday about my application status and have received no reply. I know that's not really helpful but it seems like they're not super on the ball right now
  5. I mean if it's a similar phd program then they should be able to use the same letter that they did before. So it's like 0 extra work. They literally just have to upload the letter. I would just say ask and if they give you attitude then they give you attitude. But that seems very odd
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