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  1. I also declined Harvard
  2. Do you guys still think it's a good sign?
  3. Actually mine just disappeared
  4. system bug? Harvard, please!
  5. I'M STRESSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CANNOT WAIT
  6. Who went to USC on-campus interview? Any news?
  7. I heard from Maryland Human Development at Jan 2. Their recruitment days are Feb 6-7, and they invite 17 people. Not sure if all the invitations have been sent out.
  8. That's exactly what I'm thinking about every day. Sometimes going up, sometime just down. You're not alone😂🤣
  9. Question: Will you guys bring a carry-on luggage, besides a backpack? I'll travel from a pretty cold area (Toronto) to California. Would it be a good idea to put my suits and shoes in the luggage. And when I arrive, I can change clothes?
  10. I think you should ask your POI. At least know if there's still opportunity.
  11. I just contacted my POI in UCR because I saw the UCR acceptance😂. She said only a small portion of admission has been sent. Next week there will be more, don't lose hope!!
  12. I don't think it's extra. For every official invitation I got, I would send a thank-you email, just in general. But you don't need to accept it immediately, if you have better choice that might overlap with this one
  13. Actually I think that age 19 is an advantage. You're so young and you did really well in college. In my opinion, that means you have tremendous potential to succeed in college. The only concern is that I think you can add several not so fancy school . Also, I study in U of T currently. In general, U of T hasv ery limited funding for non-canadians
  14. Does anyone know when New York University's in-person interview is?
  15. I already accepted interview (confirmed with POI) from my lower choice at the early of December, but I just got the interview invite from my top choice. And they're on the same day!! Could you please tell me how should I email POI from the first school? I really do not want to leave a bad impression....Thank you so much!
  16. I will be travelling to USC on Jan 23th from Toronto
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