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  1. I just got my 11th rejection. Amazing. I am quite bummed by the fact that I didn't get into anywhere else. Again, this "fit" really does matter. Well, I'm not complaining. I got into my the program of my first choice. It's a really happy turn of circumstances that the only program that accepted you is the one that I actually wanted to get in the most. 🙂
  2. Congratulations on your UCLA admission. I tried to contact multiple POIs at UCLA but I only got negative replies (I won't be able to advise you, I only take students who can immediately work on my current project, etc.). So I knew that my application wouldn't receive much attention from them.
  3. Wow. Congrats on all your admissions! Especially Stanford. I remember you being nervous about "ghosted" by them a few days ago. Meanwhile, I am amazed how Yale continues to be the only institution I got into. I guess the "fit" really does matter. I did think, the moment I went through the faculty list at Yale, that this would be THE institution for my research ideas. Apparently they did too. And none of the other universities shared the sentiment.
  4. Yes, and I also got another rejection from Brown.
  5. Finally, after countless weeks of lurking on the forums and getting rejected by universities, I got an offer from Yale! I was actually so devastated and frustrated by all the rejections that I just went on a two-day trip to countryside. Today was my second day and I just checked my e-mail at 8:00 PM EST (I live in a different part of the world) to receive an email from Yale GSAS to check the application status. I thought it would be another rejection so I logged on in the bathroom while brushing my teeth, and voila! A surprise! I am very relieved that I don't have to be so anxious anymore. I am also excited to work with the very professor who has been the inspiration for my Master's thesis and PhD topic.. Although I haven't posted much here, this thread has been one of the few things that helped keep my spirits up the past few weeks. All the encouraging words to not give up hope meant so much to me, although not directed at me. Thank you very much. I hope all of you get great offers in the few days and weeks to come. I'll keep my fingers crossed for all of you.
  6. Just checked out my Wisconsin application web site. First result, and first rejection so far. Not a very encouraging start. I also did not get any e-mails from Chicago so I am positive that I'm not getting into that one either.
  7. I hope that's what's happening. I am almost about to give up all my hopes. This year seems to be extremely tough on internationals.
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