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  1. Looks like it’s getting rejected 2x for me 😐. I haven’t received any emails after being put on the waitlist
  2. Did you guys get an email saying your status had changed?
  3. I just got put on the waitlist after a rejection. Any one know when we'll be hearing back? I had already mentally prepared for rejection, so this is a pleasantly surprising plot twist.
  4. Yes please! I am considering it and would love any advice!
  5. Is anyone thinking about pursuing a dual degree MBA/MPP?
  6. They have a formal scholarship negotiation process that is due today! I would double check your email to see if you have received it. If not, maybe reach out to them asking for the scholarship reconsideration form.
  7. Is anyone going to try to negotiate additional financial aid? I received a 50% off scholarship but have some competing offers. Not sure how to go about it though.
  8. Is there a formal process to negotiate aid for NYU Wagner?
  9. Not in either. Oh well!
  10. This wait is excruciating!! I’m supposed be working from home but can’t focus on anything else!
  11. The funding appeal is so late it’s after the deposit due date for many schools.
  12. Let’s hope so!!
  13. I’m thinking either tomorrow or Thursday.
  14. Just got an email regarding financial aid. Tried to log-in and I am locked out of my account. I think it might just be loans though, no awards.
  15. Brown just cancelled their study abroad component for the incoming 2020 class. I would really be disappointed if classes shifted to online in the fall.
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