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  1. I am anxious as well. They opened slots starting in July for an interview, but the US consulates are still closed here in Brazil. I was able to schedule in early-July, but not sure if they will be able to reopen since the situation in my country is a bit crucial. I am praying. I did not receive any feedback from the university, they are planning to come out with the Fall plans in mid-June.
  2. Hey, I put on my ds160 that my intended length of stay is 24 months but my i-20 states around from august 2020 till may 2023, more than 30 months, for a Master’s. Is it going to affect my interview and visa issuance?
  3. Kinda different here... I am waiting for my I-20 (already issued and on the way to my home); however, the consulates are all closed here in my country... I hope they reopen before the fall term. My university did not mention anything about the fall term yet, so I have no idea how it is going to be...
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