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  1. My son wants a slide, too! He's 5 and loves browsing on Zillow with us. We look at map view and let him pick which dot to click next. He's always proud if it's a good one. He judges houses on how many good hiding spots there are for when we play hide-and-seek.
  2. So now my daydreaming has moved on from looking at apartments and rental homes in my school cities to shopping for backpacks that I can't afford. Here's my fave so far http://www.amazon.com/dp/B07V48GSBB/?coliid=I2H8AXFFLZ75GV&colid=2LRE7KPKGWTSC&psc=1&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it
  3. I'm doing the same thing. This is my first year applying and nearly all of the programs I chose are super selective.
  4. Keep your chin up. It's just the beginning! And like @mrvissersaid, Ohio is super competitive. I also believe they accepted a smaller cohort this year.
  5. Welcome and good luck to you as well! Sounds like a great idea. I'm on the verge of making the same decision. This is so exhausting.
  6. I've heard similar things about nyu. One of my recommenders went there and said that profs definitely played favorites. Also that the famous faculty members aren't very available. He barely got to meet with his thesis advisor.
  7. What a great idea! I'm def going to steal this and try to have something big to look forward to if/when I don't get in. If a pandemic weren't on I would book a trip somewhere warm and beach-y. Maybe I can get a local air bnb just to get out of this house for a bit. Or maybe I'll treat myself to a shiny new laptop.
  8. Fingers crossed we get a few days of peace in here. In the meantime, let's talk strategies for dealing with rejection. I had one of those weekends--two R's from pubs and also notified that I didn't get a reader position I applied for. My rejection wall is filling out nicely, but it's hard to stay positive when they come in groups like that. How does everyone else handle it--apart from drinking cuz I already got that one down.
  9. Be gone with you. Take your trolling elsewhere. We have nothing to say to you. Is it possible to block users on here?
  10. There's usually quite a delay. I believe there's only one admin who screens the requests. I don't participate a ton, but I've enjoyed Draft quite a bit. I've learned a TON just by being in the group. When I was researching schools, several people shared their spreadsheets of info they'd gathered, which saved me a lot of time. It's a good place to find answers to questions (just make sure you search before you post). Some people in there are quite direct, so be prepared for that, but mostly everyone is really supportive.
  11. Congrats! And good luck to you as well!
  12. Me toooo. Last night I purposely unplugged for six hours--turned my phone and computer off completely, played a game with my kiddo, watched West Wing, ate popcorn, sipped some whiskey--and it was so relaxing. I didn't realize how much I needed it. And when the six hours were up and I hurried to turn on my phone, the only new email was a New Yorker newsletter. So think of how many times I would have compulsively checked my email during that time just to be disappointed.
  13. FYI all - someone in Draft just got accepted from University of Illinois Champaign for poetry.
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