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  1. Updated as of April 16! Final decision: UM Ford MPP Thoughts: This was SUCH a tough decision. In the end it came down to Ford vs. Batten. I was so impressed with the Batten admissions team. They were genuinely helpful and transparent. For a while I really thought I was going to UVA. I ended up getting a cool offer from Ford that I wasn't expecting. Despite how much I liked the Batten admissions team, there was no denying the simple fact that I would have more opportunity at Ford. Michigan's program is more established and, as someone who loves social policy, who would say no to the t
  2. At most schools, it just goes back to the larger pot and is reallocated to other admitted students. However, it's my understanding people have to ask.
  3. Just got mine. Also extremely low. Will be declining!
  4. Nope! Haven't heard back about mine either and they admitted me on 3/17 too
  5. They just responded to my email: "It can take several business days for an award letter to be generated. Please note that the University was closed Thursday and Friday for Spring Break."
  6. Low-key cannot believe I am still waiting for this school because of financial aid
  7. not in comparison to a free ride!!!!!! don't let the name blind you (I have to remind myself of this regularly, so I'm truly not saying this from a high horse; debt is not worth a name)
  8. omg seriously!?!? they have to realize they are behind other schools right
  9. I emailed this morning. Nothing yet! Stay tuned
  10. If they don't get back to anyone with funding tonight, ima email them tomorrow to ask when they are going to tell people. I can't afford to wait much longer because I need to negotiate with other schools ASAP
  11. no clue but i have a feeling they wont release funding emails until everyone's portal is updated...
  12. So when they said funding details will be sent *shortly~~ by email, what is the definition of "shortly"
  13. Yes! In fact, I was told by two different schools within the last week that they repurpose that funding back into other accepted and/or committed students. Unfortunately, this seems to be a bit of a vicious cycle, because plenty of applicants won't commit until they have secured more funding. Because of that, plenty of people don't commit/schools don't extend more funding until a few days before April 15th.
  14. Just got in! Now to wait for the funding email
  15. Yay!!!! Congrats to you!!! Glad the wait is finally over Wish I understood their process for releasing results, but there doesn't seem to be one
  16. Yeah I'm at the end of the alphabet and mine is still under review 🙃
  17. Just out of curiosity: has anyone submitted the scholarship reconsideration form yet?
  18. What the heck I have refreshed 1000 times and nothing! GW you are killing me
  19. What?! Mine still says "Your application is under review" ugh
  20. It was on there when I initially started looking at which schools to apply to in October, which I wrote down all the way back then. I can't find it anymore either so maybe it is a false statement on my part now...ugh SORRY i hope it is true for all of our sakes 🙈
  21. On their website it also said that students would be notified by March 15th...so crossing my fingers for Monday!!!!
  22. I am a huge fan of Madison, WI as a city and it is a great place. However, as someone who is also trying to make a similar decision (Batten vs. others), UVA seems to be the better family friendly location.
  23. I am also waiting on GW....the last one on my list! Hope tomorrow is the big day
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