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  1. Thanks so much for your thoughtful reply! I have decided to stick with the EM program I think you are right and it was only a tough decision for me because I had been planning/hoping to do my master's in the Netherlands for two years now and my heart was very set on it and I was never expecting an opportunity like EM. I think I would regret passing up the opportunity though. I'm sorry it didn't work out for you, but the right opportunity will come for you! I have heard of quite a few people applying to the same EM programme multiple years in a row and going from rejected to reserve to o
  2. In case anyone wants to provide an outsider's perspective, I am torn in a few directions emotionally on my decision, but the logical decision seems obvious. Basics: I graduated from an American uni in May 2020 and had to take a gap year due to exhaustion, covid, and not applying to many grad schools/funding the first time around. My goal has always been to return to the Netherlands to do my masters after doing an exchange semester there during my masters. After being much more prepared for applications this time around, I have been extremely lucky to be offered an Erasmus Mundus scholarsh
  3. Hi Roberts13, I don't blame you for having this view of teaching in the west. I am from the US but have moved to Europe for many reasons, but surely including your worries about the teaching system. I don't have experience in any other teaching systems outside of the US and the Netherlands, but I think the impression you have is mostly coming from American experiences. Once your in graduate school and beyond in the US, you are expected to juggle learning, research, teaching, and administrative tasks all at once, and most can only manage with excessive work hours. I have found Europe to have a
  4. No problem, it's tough waiting but everything will work out the way it should! I applied for the master's for all academic disciplines and I'm from the US, so it might differ across countries/grants.
  5. No problem! I take every opportunity I can to talk up Groningen hahah but that’s great you’ll talk with the coordinator and I think EM students have more support than the average international student. What’s nice is Dutch Unis take care of the residence permit processes themselves. Maybe cause of covid finding accommodation will be a little easier but definitely start looking as soon as you can! I lived in SSH international short term housing in Kornoeljestraat 8. I think it may have been renovated since I stayed in 2018, but honestly the dorm was pretty crappy when I stayed when it comes to
  6. I haven’t read much of the forum but it seems like a lot of people are still waiting for their results. In case it helps ease anxiety, I was informed that I wasn’t selected for a scholarship about a week or two ago, well before the official result deadline. So maybe it’s good news if you haven’t heard yet? Good luck to everyone!
  7. I can't overstate this, but Groningen is one of the most wonderful student cities in Europe. I did an exchange semester there during my bachelor's and I am telling you it was bliss every day for five months. Book housing ASAP though. SSH is not the nicest accommodation but its secure, and those who wait too long risk having to camp out for the first few weeks, it's pretty brutal. Enjoy and message me if you want any other tips!
  8. Yep, checking the portal daily for any changes but haven't seen any yet.
  9. I was hoping those numbers in the portal weren't an absolute count of the number of applicants lol. It would make sense that there's more applications this year with corona keeping a lot of students unable to start their studies last year. Yeah I am very happy I made the switch. It was stressful at times cause I had to fit the whole degree into half the time period usually taken but it was completely worth it. I'm sure having some toxicology course work already is big help! There was one offered in the summer at my uni but it was too expensive for me to take another summer course. At lea
  10. Thanks for the info! I agree that the right opportunity will come when it should. Go you for persevering another year! Like you said it’s already an accomplishment to get so close to selection. I actually looked for any info about how many applied last year but couldn’t find anything. My degree is biochemistry and molecular biology but I studied business in uni for a year and a half before switching to biochem. I wouldn’t say Food Technology is all that far from toxicology honestly, both are rooted in chemistry and not poisoning people hahah
  11. Hey thanks you too!! I think that’s pretty great you got on the reserve list, like you said luck can play a pretty big role. If you were placed on reserve you at least know they thought you were deserving/qualified for the scholarship, and that there just may have been too many other qualified people. I focused most of my time I had in the last month on my ECT+ app cause it’s definitely my top choice, but the anxiety has really started kicking in now that’s its submitted. I already took a year between my bachelors and masters and I don’t think i will want to put it off another year if I don’t
  12. Hi there, I submitted my application to ECT+ this morning and will try to get IMSOGLO done before the deadline this weekend. Then moving to the MER application. If anyone else is applying to these programs or is in them now, would love to hear about your experience!
  13. Hi, congrats on getting in and getting to start this year despite everything! I am applying to ECT+ for the 2021 intake and I just wanted to ask a few questions! How are you liking the programme so far? What uni did you start at? Did you get the scholarship or a self funded spot? Any tips on the application/what strengths in your application do you think helped you get in? Hope the programme has been going well despite corona!
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