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  1. I'm with ya!!!! at least we're not alone
  2. Hey, congrats! If you don't mind my asking, who did you email? I've emailed/called so many times and still nothing. I'm starting to get really worried!
  3. has anyone heard back more recently (like in the past week or so?)
  4. Hi guys, sorry this is not quite on topic but did anyone in this group also apply for occupational therapy? I haven't been able to find any forums so thought that maybe a few of you had also applied
  5. I'm having the same problem. When I click on application details MT is there but under my second choice... maybe thats why?!
  6. thank you SO much for this info! good luck!
  7. good point. i never got a deposit on ACORN so i don't know if it truly happened for all students. i'm hoping this doesn't mean that i didnt get in, but i think time will tell for us all!
  8. congrats!!! what time did they email you? good luck with the interview
  9. has anyone heard back since the people who did last week?! anyone this week? good luck to all of you who have interviews i hope they go well!
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