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  1. I think this suggestion would work! It should have a different policy to insiders and outsiders. I saw Yale graduate departments allow student to have various suspension of semesters because of maternity leave, medical leave, etc. You may search their policy related to one-semester leave or suspension one or two semesters.
  2. I don't like to make any comment on the specific school in public space. But I will make a small note for you, if you need any other personal opinion, will make it. Please DM me. Candler is a good school comparison to other divinity schools which are usually related to the prestigious university such as Harvard, Yale, Chicago, Duke, Vanderbilt, etc. Basically, Candler was based on United Methodist Tradition, so you should have to consider it when you compares it with Princeton Seminary (PCUSA tradition).
  3. Congratulations! How thrilled you are! Would you mind to share your sub field and where did you denigrate?
  4. I am so sorry to hear that. But hope the right doors will open to you!
  5. I will just give you a brief comment. This is not statistics for Graduate program but for undergraduates. If you want to find any information, you should visit and ask to the Divinity school. It will apply for every other university-based divinity schools and theology programs.
  6. In particular, I barely have seen doctoral students who only hold one M.Div in NT or Hebrew Bible study. This is because they cannot absorb enough language trainings through one degree program... I saw some students have three or four M*degrees such as M.Div, MA in Near Eastern Study, MTS or Th.M... and have a strong capacity in Greek, Ancient and Modern Hebrew, Akkadian, Arabic, Aramaic, etc. If you want to pursue Ph.D in privileged schools (Full tuition+Stipends at least for 5 years), one masters degree might not be enough to get in..
  7. You are right, Notre Dame and Boston College's MTS program have a same posture because both are Catholic schools. I suggests a generic guideline for differences among many degrees. MTS and STM could take both track (ministry and doctoral program). However, as you know, M.A. in Theology and M.A. in Early Christianity at Notre Dame are inclined to Ph.D. rather than M.Div.
  8. I just want to drop some quick comment on the question. I had two master's degrees (Th.M and M.div) in different schools. However, every degree was designed for the specific academic purposes. For example, MARc or Th.M were developed by academic interests for nurturing scholars. However, M.div and MTS were designed for ministers. In particular, M.div is more general degree for ordination over various denominations, but MTS is originally developed by Methodist tradition to ordain deacons not for elders. If you belong to Methodist tradition, you may recognize the differences between deacons and
  9. As you mentioned, the Vanderbilt GDR usually discharges their results during the end of March or the first week of April. Best luck to you!
  10. Chicago, Notre Dame, BC have not been clear.. there are some results but none admitted..
  11. Two weeks ago, I got an admission from Vandy with the official update on the website. I know many institutions suspend their rejections in this cycle (I have no idea why they did..). Increasing applicants comparison to the small number of the slots for Ph.D might congest this procedure to send out their results. Indeed, I met the person who are admitted in the Ethics and Society track. If you had an interview, I think you are on the waitlist...
  12. That’s exactly what I wanted at the time.. it was a painful experience which they are holding my rejection more than a week..
  13. I don’t want to hurt you but I want to share my experience which happened on the last week. I got a rejection from the history department at Harvard after one week seeing some results on WL and acceptances. I assume that GSAS at Harvard send their rejection later week at the same time in this cycle..
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