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  1. I was waitlisted @ DoVA and am attending all of those exactly !
  2. Congrats on those you were accepted to! I'm waitlisted @ DoVA ~ will be attending the upcoming events. Which are your top preferences?
  3. Haven't seen anyone mention DoVA @ U of Chicago in a minute, but posting to share they sent out emails yesterday. I was *waitlisted*
  4. Ha! I JUST looked at my Google Analytics and got new hits in the past 5 days from Virginia and Arkansas so I'm guessing they were visits from my CV in my VCU and UArk apps. On another note... I applied to VCU at the original Jan 15 deadline, and never saw any announcement of an extension to Feb 1. When did you apply?
  5. I would not bring up Covid questions here because the interviews go by fast and this is your opportunity to show why you would be a great addition to their program. You can direct those types of questions via a phone call or email to the school's office, or, in follow-up communications after being admitted. It is inevitable that they will have to share that with you before attending anyway. Let your interview be exclusively about your work and your ambitions as an artist. I've only had one interview so far, and 20 minutes went by incredibly fast. If you have an opportunity to ask a question at
  6. Cool - thank you for the info!
  7. 💔Which program at UArk did you apply to? I applied to sculpture but have not heard anything yet.
  8. Hello, joining in on here late! Here's my contribution: U of Chicago - Interviewed on 2/5 VCU (Sculpture) - Waiting... UArk (Sculpture) - Waiting...
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