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  1. Do we know what was the acceptance deadline for those who got admitted?
  2. Guys, I am sorry if my admission last week made everyone nervous. I submitted my application in December, but I forgot to submit the video interview and I did only after AdCom sent me a reminder in mid February. Therefore, I guess they have already admitted me with the early decisions poll but had to wait for the video interview - which looks more like a formality - before sending the letter out. I hope this helps making peace with your anxiety which by the way I fully understand.
  3. Actually, I have no idea. I'have applied also to Columbia SIPA, NYU Wagner. They already sent me an admission offer.
  4. This is so odd, I did not receive the email for PEPG and my industry is education.
  5. I emailed Jackson a few days ago and they replied that decisions will be released in mid-March. Therefore, we can expect to be notified in a few days from now.
  6. Received an email from AdCom a few hours ago saying to check my status since there was an important update. Admitted.
  7. Hi guys, congratulations to all admitted. I was wondering how did you find out about your admission/rejection. I did not receive any email nor any information has been updated on my application status.
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