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  1. Hello everyone! I am hoping to gather some advice from you all. If faced with a decision between U of A or UBC which school would you choose? I would love to hear your reasons, opinions, pros/cons. I am deciding between both schools at the moment. Thanks!!
  2. Okay I’m just curious! I am still waiting for my official letter. Also, congrats
  3. Has anyone been accepted to U of A that has not completed the indigenous studies certificate course yet? Wondering how we show them proof of completion, my understanding is that we have until September to complete it?
  4. Hello everyone! I am a long time reader but first time poster. Congrats to everyone who is receiving offers and for those who have not yet, there is still hope!! I received an acceptance offer from U of A on Saturday morning!! I wanted to ask, does anyone know how to accept the offer from U of A?The letter attached to the acceptance email I received says there is a button in the applicant portal to either accept or decline but I don’t see it in my portal? Thanks!
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