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  1. For U of T your GPA matters A LOT, at least from what I've been based on domestic applications (could be different for international students). I'll tell you a crazy story: an undergrad at U of T got rejected despite having a 1st author paper, apparently because said person didn't do so hot in a core 2nd year chem course. Also last year someone with 2 second author papers (one JACS, one Angewandte) was also rejected for similarly stupid reasons. Quite honestly I really don't like the way U of T does its admissions. That said, we have a very strong organic presence, and if you like asymmetric c
  2. You get to choose whether you want to send general or subject scores, or both. The caveat is that your decision applies to ALL the schools you listed on that particular score report. So if you want to report your subject score to school A but not school B, then you have to order 2 different score reports.
  3. AW does absolutely diddly squat for science engineering programs, unless you scored below 3.0, which you didn't. Don't worry about the AW score.
  4. You know, that was exactly what happened to me on test day, except it was for quant. Like you I was freewheeling and feeling so good about myself when doing the practice tests, blowing through with ease and getting the score I wanted. Come test day suddenly I'm all tense and overly cautious, second-guessing myself on EVERY SINGLE QUESTION, which eventually led to the ridiculous situation of having only 5 minutes to solve 8 questions. Rushed like mad and had literally 5 seconds to get my random guess in for the last question. This might've saved me from an otherwise abysmal score, as others
  5. That's exactly how I felt about the two writing tasks. By virtue of being a chemistry major and being analytical in nature, the Issue task was very dreadful for me, if only for the reason I had to double check every idea I generated to make sure it was logically consistent or at least realistic. Not to mention I was already slow in generating ideas in the first place. I felt much at ease with the Argument essay though, the "analytical" theme was much more prominent, and in line with my thought process. It was also a lot more focused since you all you had to do was deconstruct the argument,
  6. 2xM

    AW Issue task

    It starts as soon as you hit the "Dismiss Directions" button ie BEFORE you pick the topic.
  7. The chem dept at UChicago only accepts GRE scores less than 3 years old.
  8. Yep, my school used to go by the 4.3 scale but it got scraped after 1998.
  9. It all depends on your background, if your starting point is high, a bit of studying will likely raise your scores quickly, but I imagine you'll start seeing diminishing returns after a threshold period. I took a diagnostic test in Powerprep before any studying and managed 1300. I then slacked off and didn't take it very seriously, leading me to a grand total study time of 5-6 hours for 5 days. I scored 1390 on the real thing, but I feel I definitely could've hit 1430 had nerves not gotten the better of me.
  10. Hey Eigen thanks again. At this point pretty much the only motivations left for me to retake is that a) some fellowships take GRE scores into consideration b ) don't my app to be filtered out simply because of a dumb score For a), I'm not sure how much weight is given to these scores and whether they might serve as some kind of "tie-breaker" or whatever, but I'd have to strangle someone if my GRE scores prevented me from getting certain fellowships. For b ) I've heard rumors that MIT engineering doesn't even bother looking at those who don't have 800Q. Then again it's MIT, and it's jus
  11. All scores are finally in: Verbal: 630, 91 percentile Quant: 760, 84 percentile AW: 5.0, 84 percentile I'm leaning towards not retaking this now, I just think it'll give the impression I'm obsessed with the GRE and rub adcoms the wrong way. That said I would like to improve my quant score especially since 760 is not representative of my true ability at all.
  12. I think 3 is typical, since there's a limit on how many RC questions they can throw in there. I had 3 for mine, 2 short pieces with 2 questions each, and 1 long piece with 4 questions (coincidentally it was about the history of chemistry, and being a chemist myself I actually rather enjoyed the read).
  13. 2xM

    GRE Retake

    OP: My goodness we have very similar qualifications and are in the exact same situation -- we even have the same total GRE score! (630V 760Q for me). Only difference is I'm in chemistry, and just getting my BSc in 2011. You know, this is the most sensible thing I've read so far. I guess you're right in that if I were to retake my GRE, part of the reason would be to show that I can indeed score 800Q (actually that's what I've been getting in Powerprep all along), and that I'm worth more than just 1390. But then again at the top places applicants regularly score over 1400, so it sort of
  14. Hey guys, I've been lurking here a bit, but never really had anything to contribute or ask. Now that I've finished the GRE I finally have something to ask, so please bear with me. (this is pretty long, just read my scores and then skip to the last paragraph if you want) Anyways, I took the GRE last Thursday, and I basically blew it: 630V 760Q don't have my writing score yet, but I don't predict it to be very pretty -- bad time management means I couldn't even write a conclusion for my Issue essay! I'll be happy with a 4... I'll be honest: I didn't prepare much for it at all. I
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