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  1. I was waitlisted on May 18th, and got accepted today with a $2500 scholarship! has this happened to anyone else?
  2. Thank you!! I received my email at 3:18 today !
  3. I'm not sure! I think there is a lot of emphasis on the SOI from what I've heard. I actually had a current Mac global health student read mine over, but who knows what they really want lol. I have no idea at this point😅
  4. Hey everyone, I also got waitlisted today. My last name starts with an R and I submitted my app on Jan 29th - hope that helps. As for my stats, 12.0 GPA, research experience (several first author and co-author pubs in cancer research, about 10 conference presentations, published an oncology book), volunteer work (some in global health) and extracurriculars. Not sure if this helps anyone but thought I'd share! Best of luck to everyone:)
  5. I haven't heard anything! Where did you hear that people got offers?
  6. Is anyone having trouble logging into Mosaic right now?
  7. Thanks! you too! i had the same issue so I emailed them asking for an extension and they gave me until May 25th. If you email Jennifer or whoever sent you your offer then they will do the same for you!
  8. I applied separately actually!
  9. I applied to and got accepted to MMASc as well!
  10. Thank you! I actually only applied to Western for MPH, and I also applied to Mac Global health, since I only wanted to apply to one year programs. I think MMASc will be good if I end up doing that!
  11. Thank you! Oh, that's super interesting. I wish I could call and ask why I got rejected LOL.
  12. Super weird! I figured too that it might have just been a super competitive pool of applicants, but I didn't think MPH at Western was super competitive. I go to UW and the MHI is on the smaller side, so that very well may be the reason
  13. BSc in health studies!
  14. Hi! I got rejected from Western MPH a few weeks ago. I have a 3.96 GPA, I have many extracurriculars and a lot of public health related volunteer experience (service trip, homeless shelter, food bank), I have 3 years of research assistant experience at a TO hospital, I have several first-author and co-author publications in cancer research and about 6 abstract publications/conference presentations. I also applied to MMASc in Global health systems and got accepted to that. Does anyone know if my rejection might have been related to the fact that I applied to MMASc - I know that they are trying
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