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  1. That's extremely frustrating - sorry to hear that. Depending on what your degree is in, I guess it's not completely out of the question - the one program I am waiting for the fin aid package from told me straight up in my interview that there's no money to be given (which I appreciated). Did anyone tell you prior to your acceptance (i.e. in your interview) that assistance was or was not an option? Otherwise, I would start tracking down alternative ways to pay for the program (i.e. scholarships, grants, loans). Unless you're already aware of them, Fastweb.com is a great resource, as well as
  2. I'm having the same difficulty. One of my programs has advised in my acceptance letter that it would be coming "in a few weeks" (that was on 2/28), and the other advised that I wouldn't receive one until AFTER I accept (which is bizarre to me). Have you tried contacting the financial aid department directly? This was helpful for me.
  3. Hi All - I've been accepted to two great MA programs, and am in the process of deciding between them. The financial scenarios have become a bit tricky, and I am hoping you can provide some feedback/thoughts on this current situation. Background: I currently have a 9-5 job that could potentially reimburse 50% of my tuition (if I am able to successfully argue why the degree is related to what I do - frankly, it has nothing to do with what I do, but is a means for me to eventually leave me job!). This job cannot be done part-time or on a free-lance basis. I am financially independent
  4. Hi All - I just received my acceptance letter from NYU Steinhardt MA in Art Therapy (crazy excited!), but the letter indicates I will receive my financial aid package "in the next few weeks", and that I must accept by 3/15 for my spot to be held. However, I may not hear from the School of Visual Arts (the other program I am interested in) until early March and, if accepted, may not receive my financial aid package until well after 3/15. Has anyone else dealt with a situation like this and, if so, am I just SOL or are graduate programs (like NYU) flexible in these dates? I just want to
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