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  1. I don't think this thread is exclusive for international students . Many of us here have some visa-related issues that we talked about on the Facebook page, but I'm sure you are equally as welcome to join if you want. Congratulations on your admission!
  2. That's very interesting. I feel like that would save me some $$ for my note-taking. But at the same time, I honestly feel like digital notebook + handwriting-enabled tablet/PC like Surfaces or iPad would work more seamlessly, despite the higher price. Thoughts?
  3. @nguyenngocluong I msg'd you. Thanks!
  4. When will y'all start looking for housing? Is anybody looking for roommate(s)?
  5. Well, you won't have to buy a stylus if you do get the Surface. I'm thinking the same. Although I feel like either HP Spectre X360 or Lenovo Thinkpad Yoga 260 would give more bang for the buck, mostly because you don't need to buy the keyboard (although you'll have to buy the pen, but they are generally cheaper anyway). But the form factor might be slightly better to use as a laptop, obviously if you intend to spend most of your time in tablet mode it's hard to beat the Surface.
  6. That's all I saw too. But you can check your checklist on applyweb. Your decision should be on there.
  7. GA Tech, I choose you!

    1. blacknighterrant
    2. Sorawit


      Why did I ever downvote this? Must have pressed the wrong button. Sorry!

  8. Yeah I did last Friday. They said the result should be available "early" this week, hopefully it's today.
  9. sI won't hold out for CMU. I think both programs would be a great fit for me. I just want the time to explore both schools which I now think it's not going to happen. If CMU won't release their decision before April 15th, it's their loss, not mine.
  10. First of all, I admit I might sound paranoid in this post. But I feel like I'm running out of time so I just want to preemptively prepare myself. I'm debating between these two programs that are both supposedly good in the subfields I'm interested in (innovation policy/telecommunication policy). The problem is, CMU still hasn't announce their decision (I told you I'm being paranoid), but I won't have time to do campus visit before I have to decide on GA Tech's offer. Honestly I like the program at GA Tech and the people, I just didn't like Atlanta much based on my two-day school visit. I
  11. Waiting to see ANY lists from CMU-EPP.

  12. I'm also considering Tech as well (still waiting decision from CMU). But congrats to those who have made their decisions
  13. Detaining and forcing people to think in certain way? Hello, 1984. https://t.co/S9CiPQMgpk

  14. Come on CMU! Send out your decisions already! (PhD EPP)

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