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How's everybody treating themselves to good stuff during the waiting game? Food, drink, pampering, whatever. Let's hear it!

I have been indulging in video games, good desserts (gelato!), and good beer to unwind from each (yet another) day of waiting on admissions decisions. And if I'm gonna go get a cappuccino anyway, I'm gonna spend the extra $1.50 to go get THE GOOD ONE.



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Ditto on the video games (Monster Hunter is pretty lit). Ditto on the reality TV binge. I watched two seasons of this early 2000s home design show called Love It or Lose It, most recently, on Amazon Prime. It is so awful and meme-tastic. If you like HGTV and dada humor, this show is for you, my friends.

Otherwise, I've been trying to get into better habits, focus on things I can control, like exercise. I got an exercise bike over Christmas, and my husband got me the new Just Dance for Switch for Valentine's Day, lol. I've also been cooking a lot. I made some killer guacamole the other night. Ya know, just trying to keep myself well and balanced.

I also took a weekend trip over Valentine's Day. That really did wonders for me, even though it was only a couple of nights. Not only am I wallowing in the misery of this process, but I also hate my current job. So, I took a jaunt up to Philly, just did the touristy things. Since then, I've really made a concerted effort to make my weekends totally grad school and work free. Don't talk about it much. Focus on other things. Ya know. And I feel a lot better since trying to stick to that. It quells the obsession and the misery.

Also! I think spending time with my pets really helps me. There is nothing better than snuggling with a cat or watching the proverbial butt wiggle before they pounce while playing. Sorry, dog people. :P

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@Tyedyedturtle91 All great! I'm jealous of your kitties... I lost mine to a move/breakup, and while I volunteered at the local shelter to get some cuddles in, the circumstances just haven't worked out to get a cat of my own. Looks like that may change after the move, however!

And it's great that you have a supportive husband, both actively (giving/doing stuff) and passively (letting you do your thing). My girlfriend has been immensely helpful (and patient, and understanding, and graceful...) throughout this process. She's good at reminding me of important "treat yo self" tenets like, "Just spend the extra money that you wouldn't normally, because these are temporarily extraordinary times, and you need a break for nice things."

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54 minutes ago, haspeer said:

I had a bowl of mashed potatoes for dinner last night.  They were premium mashed potatoes, though.

That's one of my new culinary fantasies. Perhaps I'll realize that in a few weeks, if I go 0-for-4...

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On 3/9/2018 at 1:17 PM, kitcassidance said:

Netflix, Ben & Jerry's, and a ridiculously last minute flight to Paris :blink:

Wow, I suppose a trip to Paris would certainly distract!

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