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SSHRC Doctoral 2018-2019

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13 hours ago, gaels said:

I was awarded an OGS for the first year of my doctorate and it was not renewable.

From the Queen's University website:

"Scholarship Value: $15,000 for one academic year, normally paid out in 3 equal installments. The award is not renewable."

It's not renewable, but as mentioned above you can reapply and hold it up to your 4th year if you're continuously successful in the competition on a year by year basis. There is no guarantee, but you can reapply every year until year 3.

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On 7/11/2019 at 7:51 AM, Kleio_77 said:

I got upgraded to the Joseph Armand Bombardier CGS! So a regular fellowship should be available for someone else! :)

Congrats! I'm curious: Would you will be willing to share your score (and committee)? It would be interesting to know where those shifts are happening. Thanks. And, congrats again! :) 

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Looks like SSHRC posted the award recipients online. I’d guess most of the waitlist movement is done now since they don’t usually post the list until everything is more or less finalized. Fingers crossed for next year! 

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