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Need help with MS ECE profile evaluation (Canada/Europe)


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Hello everyone,

I have been having trouble lately matching my profile with potential MS ECE programs and would greatly appreciate it if anyone could help me with shortlisting potential MS programs to apply to.
I aim to apply mostly to universities in Canada and Europe,  basically anywhere but the US (as I won't be able to take the GRE in time).

I am also mainly looking for research/thesis based degrees, and preferably RA/TA funded degrees.

My profile:

Undergrad:  B.Sc. ECE from an unknown institution internationally, but known regionally and undoubtedly one of the best nationally, Score: 83%.

Research Interest: Electromagnetics and optics.


Publications: 1 Accepted international conference paper in my field of interest.

Research Experience: A few undergrad RA experiences/internships (summer internships during undergrad). I have been working as an RA for the last few months, potentially a couple more publications are in the works.

Which Canadian/European/Australian/Asian universities can I target with this profile for example for a funded research based MSc. degree? I don't want to waste time and money applying to prestigious institutions where I have no chance, so I would like to know where my 'level' is so to speak.

I am an EU citizen if that makes any difference.

Would really appreciate any feedback, please let me know if any extra info is needed.  

TIA :) .

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