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  1. I am also not sure how these things work as I am fresh out of my B.Sc. program (this position is for a research masters, if that makes a difference). Interesting to learn that changing projects is the norm, it indeed seems like it wouldn't hurt to ask before arriving I guess. Thanks for your input!
  2. I recently applied for a research based degree and I have indeed been offered admission (with funding), scheduled to start this fall. Prior to my acceptance, I had an interview with my prospective advisor and we both seemed to have similar interests, so they recommended me for admission. Most of the funding is indeed coming from the supervisor rather than the department. The supervisor is a newly-hired assistant professor, just starting out and building up the group from scratch, so I didn't really have much information regarding the available projects and research directions they intend to pursue other than a short summary. We discussed a possible proposed project and even potential collaborations with other groups in the department (one of the potential collaborators was also present during the interview). I was definitely happy with the project and was looking forward to working on it, but I wouldn't say that it was perfectly 100% aligned with what I had hoped to work on. I accepted the offer and that was that. The offer letter mentions that I will be under the supervision of this professor, so that seems set in stone (no complaints so far). Recently, this professor launched a website for the new group (came across it by chance), complete with a detailed list of all the projects they want to pursue and is still actively recruiting. On reading more about these projects, there is one in particular which I would be very excited to work on (significantly more than my 'proposed' project). My question is, would it be OK to contact this professor now and to perhaps intimate to them or suggest that I would prefer to work on one of the other projects listed? Or to maybe influence the direction of my proposed project? I am hesitant because I don't want to come across as indecisive and scatterbrained, and I do understand that the professor might be recruiting certain students with certain skills to work on specific projects, so I do get why my this request might upset the professor. I don't want them to feel that I conned them into accepting me on a false premise. At the same time, I would really rather work on this other project and would like to signal this to them as early as possible, before it is 'taken' by another student. Should I initiate this discussion now? Or should I maybe wait till I arrive in the fall? Is it even too premature to be worrying about such things? Am I over-thinking this perhaps? Would appreciate any input. Thanks.
  3. Hello everyone, I have been having trouble lately matching my profile with potential MS ECE programs and would greatly appreciate it if anyone could help me with shortlisting potential MS programs to apply to. I aim to apply mostly to universities in Canada and Europe, basically anywhere but the US (as I won't be able to take the GRE in time). I am also mainly looking for research/thesis based degrees, and preferably RA/TA funded degrees. My profile: Undergrad: B.Sc. ECE from an unknown institution internationally, but known regionally and undoubtedly one of the best nationally, Score: 83%. Research Interest: Electromagnetics and optics. IELTS: 9. Publications: 1 Accepted international conference paper in my field of interest. Research Experience: A few undergrad RA experiences/internships (summer internships during undergrad). I have been working as an RA for the last few months, potentially a couple more publications are in the works. Which Canadian/European/Australian/Asian universities can I target with this profile for example for a funded research based MSc. degree? I don't want to waste time and money applying to prestigious institutions where I have no chance, so I would like to know where my 'level' is so to speak. I am an EU citizen if that makes any difference. Would really appreciate any feedback, please let me know if any extra info is needed. TIA .
  4. OK I see, so it depends on the school. Important to note. One last thing, my understanding is that MASc degrees in Canada (research based) are generally funded degrees, wherein the student gets a stipend and a tuition waiver while working as a TA/RA. Is this true for most Canadian Universities? Thanks for your time and insight!
  5. I see. So GPA is also a very important factor, more so than the other factors I mentioned. Good to know. I also wanted to know, is it expected that applicants reach out to professors they would be interested in working with prior to applying to the graduate school? As in they have to be accepted by a professor willing to supervise them first? Or does one just apply to the graduate school?
  6. Interesting post, thanks for sharing your perspective. So, from my understanding of your post, previous university ranking is a major factor in M.A.Sc admissions. What is the second most important factor in your opinion? GPA? Research papers/experience? Fit with professor's research/department research?
  7. Thanks for replying. Does that mean I effectively have 4 years to conduct research (research student 2 yrs + MS) ?
  8. Thanks for the reply. So you would suggest going for a PhD there instead? Why is the entrance exam seen as 'difficult' for non-Asian students? Is it in Japanese? Or do you mean it is relatively difficult to pass? Are the courses in English for your department? Or should the MS program be seen as a 'pure research' program as there are only a few English language courses? Also, are you there on the MONBUKAGAKUSHO:MEXT scholarship? Or via the IME program? Thanks once again for your reply and for your time.
  9. Hi everyone First post. I am senior EE undergrad student specialized in photonics, currently in the process of looking for graduate programs (mainly masters programs) to apply to next year. I recently came across the MONBUKAGAKUSHO:MEXT scholarship and am very interested in pursuing a masters degree from the University of Tokyo. My problem is that I can't find much information about the structure of the EE masters program at U.Tokyo online, or at least not in English. I have read somewhere (one of the few scraps of info I've come across) that it is very research based, with almost no taught component (courses). Is this true? And does anyone have any information on the program (Tokyo EE masters) in general? Is anyone here currently enrolled in the University of Tokyo (in any grad or masters program)? Any info or useful links? Thanks
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