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Just now, sarah189 said:

Anyone receive anything yet?

Just came to ask the same question!!

And am I the only one who is feeling a little dismayed by the overall lack of communication from Northeastern?
I liked my campus visit and the faculty at my interview, but compared to other schools I've been accepted to, I've gotten hardly any communication from them throughout this whole process.

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  • 2 weeks later...

I emailed them and learned all bad news. First of all, the program is 60 credits starting this coming fall NOT 52 (she said they just haven't updated the website/course catalogue yet). I thought the program was 78,000 total but it's actually 90,000 with the new credit requirement. Secondly, the max scholarship only covers 25% of tuition (besides the third one possibly?) and are very limited. Here's the info about scholarships that was sent to me copy and pasted. 

Double Husky Scholarship
The Double Husky Scholarship, available to alumni who have graduated with a Northeastern University
degree, provides a tuition discount of up to 25 percent on eligible graduate degree or certificate program. 
Parent and Family Scholarship
Available to parents and siblings of full-time Undergraduate Day students, the Parent and Family Scholarship
provides a tuition discount of 25 percent on more than 110 eligible graduate programs. 
Diversity Fellowship
Each year a limited number of fellowships are awarded to graduate students in an effort to help the university
achieve a more diverse graduate student body. A variety of factors may be used for the purpose of increasing
diversity at the university including gender, race, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, disability or
other protected classification consistent with the university nondiscrimination policy.
These awards are recommended by the student’s academic department or college. They provide tuition
support only and there is no work requirement associated with them.

Outside Scholarships
Your Local Library
A trip to your local library will find many scholarship books available that contain the addresses of
scholarship programs. It requires some work on your part (applications, essays, etc.), but a few hours of your
time could yield valuable information and lead to additional funding for your education. Locally, the ASA
College Planning Center, located in the basement of the Boston Public Library in Copley Square, has
numerous resources available to help you find outside aid, including a computerized database of scholarships.
Scholarship Search Databases
U.S. Department of Labor Career One Stop Scholarship Search
Peterson’s Scholarship Search
CollegeNET Scholarship Search
College Scholarship Search


Also, here's the info about assistantships:

These positions and awards are offered directly by the individual graduate schools or academic departments.
Students seeking such assistance should contact their graduate school for an application and eligibility criteria.
Any tuition remission, stipend award and/or housing compensation will be incorporated into the student’s
financial aid package as a resource. Students who receive these forms of assistance may have reduced
eligibility for need-based aid. More specific information about each type of position is listed below:
 Graduate School Scholarships (GSS) are non-taxable scholarships provided by academic departments
to cover up to 9 credit hours per semester.

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