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  1. I really feel for you and I'm sorry youre in this position! It would be worth applying again next round if you apply to much cheaper programs because if you decide to reapply and then go to a school that's 50K then that's one year that you could have been working for a regular salary lost and you're not really saving any money (you took out 25K less in loans but you lost 30K by not working one year with a full salary). Of course there's interest to be accounted for, whatever you'd make this coming year, and your cost of living situation but you get the point I'm making. Crunch the numbers and
  2. With that response, I think it’s worth a shot! Sounds like if your application is really strong in other aspects they may accept you. Plus, your GPA is t that far off.
  3. They have a pretty high acceptance rate so maybe there's a chance! It would probably be off the waitlist if they do have that criteria. What was their response to you? (Sidenote: the program is 90K (not 78K as the website suggests) bc they raised the graduation credit requirement starting this fall- I learned this the hard way)
  4. Our field is in desperate need of PhDs and professors so I doubt that you'd have trouble getting a professor position coming out of a state school. I was in a similar situation to you and after reading post after post after post on the reddit SLP page and other forums of SLPs saying to just go to the cheapest school, I chose the cheapest school. I realized that most schools have connections to hospitals and decent medical placements even if it's not that program's strong suite and have at least one professor doing some sort of medical research. Another thing that I learned from the forums is t
  5. Yay! Cant wait to meet you and everyone! The facebook group is Kent State University SLP Class of 2021. If it doesn't come up right away, click the "Groups" category filter and it should come up.
  6. I recently accepted my offer to go to Kent State and I'm excited! Has anyone started a facebook group? Do any current or previous students have any advice about navigating the program, housing, etc.?
  7. When it comes to searching on indeed, try typing in something specific, for example "summer camp" or "summer server" or "summer tutor" or "babysitter." You could also type in the university name and summer jobs at the university may pop up (like bookstore clerk). Working at a summer camp may be a good option (I've found that they are more responsive to applicants than most businesses) but I know a lot of them start figuring out their staff now and it can be a tiring job. Another option is researching on google maps the businesses near where you'll be living and calling each one to ask about em
  8. Believe me I thought the same thing! A poster on here mentioned the CF circumstance to me and then when I went to the MGH open house I talked to the program director about it for like 20 minutes. She confirmed what the poster had written to me that medical CFs in MA are far and in between and the ones that do exist are very competitive. The problem is that facilities can't bill Medicare for CF SLP services in MA. Here's a short write up about it https://www.swallowstudy.com/its-a-jobs-issue/ and the problem is still the same now. The director basically told me if I wanted to stay in MA to do a
  9. Another school you could look at if you apply next cycle is Cal U In Pennsylvania (California University of PA)!
  10. I guess it really comes down to what your greatest priority is! Is the most important thing that you get the best clinical experience/education or is having a much lesser financial burden for the years after graduation? I totally understand the dilemma because I was dead set on going to either MGH or Northeastern because I wanted the best education and clinical options but I had a change of heart after crunching the numbers meticulously and realizing, to me, it wasn't worth putting off buying house, children, traveling etc. and having to live far away from my partner. It still pains me a littl
  11. VPkid Here’s an article listing some options! https://www.teachaway.com/blog/8-amazing-companies-let-you-teach-english-online-from-home
  12. BU is a private university so there’s no in and out of state decrepncy I think. If Brooklyn College has clinical opportunities in medical settings, I would most definitely go there!! Think of how tedious figuring out the logistics of moving will be and how much debt you’ll be in if you go to the other schools. Doesn’t seem worth the hell you’d put yourself through after graduation trying to pay all it off (just to get a very similar position and wage as if you went to brooklyn).
  13. I emailed them and learned all bad news. First of all, the program is 60 credits starting this coming fall NOT 52 (she said they just haven't updated the website/course catalogue yet). I thought the program was 78,000 total but it's actually 90,000 with the new credit requirement. Secondly, the max scholarship only covers 25% of tuition (besides the third one possibly?) and are very limited. Here's the info about scholarships that was sent to me copy and pasted. Scholarships Double Husky Scholarship The Double Husky Scholarship, available to alumni who have graduated with a Northeaster
  14. I think it kind of depends on your schedule/commute, but when I went to Kent, for example, the student there said a majority of her cohort worked a part time job. I’ve heard of people working part time more often than I would have anticipated so it seems pretty doable! One student from MGH actually told me she did a Ga position and a thesis at the same time during her program and told me it’s possible as long as you have good time management skills. Side note: I plan on teaching English online part time during grad school because it’s the most pay for my time but is also flexible (18+/hr
  15. I am finishing up my post-bacc year and here's my advice. 1. Take the GRE, especially if you are good at verbal sections! You will significantly limit your options if you try to only find schools that don't require the GRE. 2. Look at the program pre-requitsites. There were a number of schools I immediately had to discount because, even with my post-bacc year, I would have to take 3-6 classes the summer before the program started. 3. Use ASHA edfind to make a strategic list of schools. (Some of the highest acceptance rates I've seen are at city schools (like MGH), probably beca
  16. If you're comfortable driving that much, I would save the money by living at home (especially if you only have to drive far a few days a week!). I'm about to take on an hour commute also and for me the money spent on transport doesn't even compare to the money saved by living at home. Even though I'm bummed about relinquishing some independence by moving back home, it will be nice to have my parents there so if I'm so stressed or busy they can help me out with chores that I would normally be 100% responsible for (like preparing dinner) and provide some emotional support. The thought of moving
  17. I interviewed there, did a tour, and then reached out to one of my old friends who just graduated from master's program (and did UG there). In a nutshell, my friend said she's had really good and really bad experiences with the program and department. She said there are many awesome clinical placements but you have to take the initiative to get them- talk to the clinical placement director directly. Some professors are amazing and others aren't. Some care a lot about the students and some care more about their research. She said one major con is that the department can be disorganized, especia
  18. Do anyone get any financial aid info at the open house today and did they say an exact cost for the total program? Did anyone learn anything really interesting that wasn’t obvious from their website?
  19. It’s next Saturday! I got a email a few days ago. From 10:30-2
  20. I was planning on getting there at like 12:15. Free food and checking out the posters sound fun to me haha.
  21. The cheapest online physics course I could find was Butler Community College (Kansas). It was 900$. I picked it purely because it was cheapest! It got the job done.
  22. I still haven't heard any word about financial aid. Should I contact them? Or just wait a few more days? I don't want to annoy them but I also really need to know!
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