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Different jobs for grad students

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Looking for some feedback about different jobs people have while in grad school. I cannot imagine not working at ALL even though I understand how intensive it can be. I've been a Behavior Therapist for almost two years and I am getting burnt out. I don't really want to do it while in grad school even if it's less than ten hours per week. BUT,  I am given clients based on my availability and I get paid $21/hr. So it's ideal for the flexibility and pay. I'm just losing my steam in the position... any feedback? Suck it up or find something else?

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That’s a pretty decent rate to receive and the flexibility is a huge plus. I would stick with it if I were you but you shouldn’t be miserable doing one thing just for the money! Definitely look for something around the same pay and flexibility and if you can’t then at least you can say that you tried! Good luck! :) 

Additionally- I work at a Sunday respite program for children with developmental disabilities and that’s all I do. (Not in grad school yet) It’s the same pay. If it isn’t about the money for you I’d maybe look for something similar like that! 

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I've had a couple really laid-back, flexible work-study jobs. Last semester I was a TA for an intro course. Most weeks all I did was monitor the class email and either answer questions or forward them to the professor. There were five 1-2 page papers due throughout the semester, so on those weeks I had to grade 62 papers, which was kind of yucky, but the majority of the time I got paid 4 hours a week to do ~20 minutes of work. I didn't have to go to the class or teach, and I could grade whenever it was convenient.

This semester I'm doing RA work with a professor I'm planning on doing a research project with next year. I'm transcribing speech samples (again, I make my own schedule, typically 3-5 hours a week) of toddlers with Williams Syndrome, which is tough but interesting, and it's really training my ear and my IPA abilities! I'm planning on continuing it over the summer too. 

Next year I'll be a tutor in the graduate writing center, which is cool because I can get certification as an academic writing tutor, which may look good on future job apps depending on the setting. That will be a bit more work and I can't work from home, but the pay is better and I think it will be interesting.

One of the main reasons I've been so happy with my jobs this year is that I worked for years in retail and food service and was so horribly sick of it, and now it's hit me that I'll never have to work jobs like that ever again! Hurrah!!!

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I'm currently in graduate school and I work for a research grant doing assessments. Other common jobs from those in my cohort:


1) Uber/Lyft/Uber Eats

2) Babysitting/Nannying

3) Respite care provider

4) ABA tech

5) Preschool assistant


7) Tutoring in some capacity

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