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GRE during COVID-19 -- clinical psychology PhD programs

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Hi! I'm planning on applying to clinical psychology phd programs in the fall, and I was wondering if anyone has heard if PhD programs have waived the GRE due to COVID (like many schools are waiving the SAT/ACT for undergrad)? I emailed ETS about their testing centers being open but I haven't heard back... To be completely honest I don't even feel comfortable going into a testing center with the current covid pandemic ūüėē

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If they do, they aren't going to make that determination anytime soon. Application cycles for undergrad and for PhDs are different. Since apps aren't due until December usually, there's still plenty of time for testing centers to open up. 

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I have only seen that UCLA has made the GRE subject optional and GRE general test waived for the 2021 application season. University of Colorado Boulder made the GRE optional for students who have not been able to take the test because of COVID-19. I don't see how it's fair to waive the GRE for some applicants and not others. I guess we will see how other schools react to COVID-19. A lot of sites haven't been updated since the last application season yet.

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