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Fall 2021 Religion PhD

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On 4/13/2021 at 7:19 PM, TylerJarvis said:

Got in at UCLA! I had received 7 rejections and then heard that UCLA had already had an admitted students day, so I was already looking at outside jobs. Completely surprising but really exciting!

Thanks for all the support this application season! Best of luck to all of you going forward!

A HUGE congratulations to you!!!

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I just received an offer of admission from the Toronto School of Theology. Financial aid information is forthcoming. Out of six applications, this means I got into two (Toronto and KU Leuven in B

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In at Fordham!! Just got an informal acceptance over the phone!

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Well, I've officially accepted my offer of admission at UNC! It's been a pleasure getting to know everyone and braving this gruesome process together. I'm wishing you all, no matter where you've ended up, the very best of luck moving forward!

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hope everyone is dohp[eing well after a hellish cycle.  No go for me in any of my 5 choices but i found this very funny today, posted it on my twitter: 

2 1/2 months after receiving a rejection from the history department at Notre Dame I just received a rejection letter from the graduate school. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLO Academia is definitely a functional institution.

    oh well back to the drawing board. best and solidarity to everyone

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On 4/17/2021 at 11:20 PM, crossroadsph said:

Closing my time in applying by saying that I’m heading to Europe after Drew Theological School finally gave my application a boot.

best wishes to everyone in their academic journey.

So sorry to read this.

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