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UT-Austin MSW Social Work: waiting! to hear! back!

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31 minutes ago, wellthatsnice said:

I picked full time two-year but I might need to talk to them about that. IDK if I can take that much time away from working after all. I think I was a bit too optimistic when I initially applied.

I’m sure an email to ask wouldn’t hurt! I still haven’t heard so I’m thinking it’s probably time for plan B haha

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5 minutes ago, megwar123 said:

Have you heard anything yet?? I am holding on making a deposit to somewhere else until midnight 

Nope nothing! From what I can looking at this forum and years past it looks like they usually upload decisions early in the morning during the work week.

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On 4/28/2021 at 10:20 AM, msw21app said:

Did you receive any scholarship info? Wondering if they will send that out or how they handle it. 

Nothing on scholarship info, so I'll have to reach out and find out if that will come at a later date or with the financial aid package.. Not sure about a lot of things at this point ?

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1 minute ago, msw2021woo said:

Agh even more stressful then lol. Can I ask what your back up school is? Mine is UT Arlington 

Extremely! I have been so on edge but feel a lot better knowing that it will be next week. Mine is Baylor

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On 5/6/2021 at 11:36 AM, msw2021woo said:

Haha all our worrying paid off! What are you planning to do for housing? Most of my friends in the area are already in apartments for the year 

Sorry I just saw this!! I am actually currently looking for housing. Hope you have found something!

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