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How do/did you take notes in grad school?

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Hello everyone! I'm starting grad school in a week (summer start) and I'm wondering how current and past graduate students do with note-taking? I tried typing notes in class one semester during undergrad and it didn't work out for me (slow typer and I don't type "properly" lol). I've been a pen to paper kid, but I'm curious about using an iPad and pen. 3/4 of my textbooks are ebooks this term since it was the cheapest route. One thing I would like to do is write on the pages of my ebooks. I also want to mention I'm a part-time student, 2 classes per term.

Looking forward to reading your experiences, etc :) 

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I am thinking about getting a Remarkable 2.  I like the feel of pen and paper too.  Would love to know if anyone has gone this route.


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Many people use ipads to write directly on PDFs of the slides, or use apps like Notability, which is great for working with PDFs. I tend to take notes by typing, often in GDocs or in the powerpoints we're provided in the notes section, but this is mostly because I haven't taken the time to learn a new thing as it's worked for me for years. I'm sure Notability and other apps offer much better solutions.

Also, if I know I'm going to need to make flashcards, I'll also take my notes directly in Quizlet (with everything set to private to make sure I'm not violating any guidelines). I like this because I can use what I do in different modalities and see what others have written as I go. They also have some game options for learning, which is sometimes helpful in breaking up studying activities. 

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