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Mrs. Grad

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I've found that purr therapy really eases the pain of rejection. I would love to see pictures of your familiars!

This is Hermes B. Cat.

This is his mate, the fashionable, fabulous Miss Millicent Moo Cat.

(And yes, she's in an ice bucket. Don't judge. You can, however, judge me for my ridiculous attempt at distracting those in the waiting boat.)

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These are my family's dogs, so I unfortunately don't live with them right now. But they are cute, so I will post anyway. And Max will hopefully come with me when I go to grad school.

This is Max (he needs a bath in this picture!)


This is Kate (she's only like 3 months old. SO CUTE!)


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This is Chloƫ (AKA the Klo-Burger, StupidUgly, the KloMeister, the world's most beautiful beagle).

I can't remember what I did with my life when I didn't have to entertain her -- I had no idea beagles were so much work, but I can't imagine how I would get through my days without her now. We've had her for a little over a year; she spent the first 8 months of her life as a test animal in a laboratory somewhere.

Aside from insane amounts of energy, an insatiable appetite, a fear of loud noises, and severe anxiety when we leave her with other people...she's pretty well adjusted for having been through all she went through.

Oh, and she's a Marxist revolutionary.

She's gorgeous! Second-prettiest doggy i've ever seen...



This is Hecuba. I'm away from her (she lives at my parents') at the moment but i'm seeing her in 3 weeks!

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This is Jerry, my feathered friend. He is a 12-year old Goffin's cockatoo that has been with my family for the past 5 years. He loves head, neck, and back massages, and he can do jumping jacks (well, as far as it's anatomically possible). His favorite foods besides his regular pellets: green pepper seeds, millet, corn, Cheerios, apple slices, bread, pasta, green beans, and cucumbers. We call him the "crack addict of love" because he is so attached to us. He is such a FLUFF BALL--he puffs up his feathers, raises one leg, and perches wherever he is with absolutely no care in the world. He's so pretty and cute! He can only say one word--"Jerry"--but every time he does it really just warms your heart like nothing else. I love him so much!


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Had to add for the cat lovers :rolleyes:. This is only half of our cats. Dupree at the top. He is freakishly smart. Beauty in the middle. She is very empathetic and knows when I need some cheering up. Last is Saowyn (nickname Boy-Boy). He is 13+ lbs but still thinks he is a kitten.

As you can see, the cats are completely spoiled.

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Aww I love this thread!

This is Buddha, aka the Chaquito Puppito, Buddha-Pest, Povre Bete, and/or Comrade Budka. We have no idea what the hell kind of mix he is, but I think he's pretty adorable. biggrin.gif


And because he's pretty cute when he sleeps....


He gets all irked when I'm on the computer too long and attacks me. :D

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