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I like to collect fun facts to fill those open moments (to ease my social anxiety?). Anybody have any fun fact gems? I figured we could share them, you know, maybe as a way to briefly distract us from refreshing the results page (...can't....stop...).

For example: The youngest pope was (probably) Benedict IX (1012-1056), who got the job either at age 11 or at age 20 (information is a little sketchy from the 11th century). It was either him or Pope John XII (937-964), who was voted in at at 18. Also, Benedict's pre-Pope name was Theophylactus, which is a kicker.

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How about Transnistria - a breakaway state that decided they would rather remain Communist and broke away from Moldova!

Another fun (former) Communist country fact: Belarus' security service is still called the KGB.

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You can buy lordships from/of Sealand! (I looked into this as a Christmas present for people I know haha)

I think I just figured out how I'm going to reward myself if I get into graduate school. Barronness, here I come! Also, I now know what I'm going to buy everyone else for birthdays/christmas/bat mitzvah/any gift-giving occasion, for all of eternity.

Fun fact: I'll have to think one up when I'm feeling more clever :(

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Interesting fact: I heard the head of my department today ask the administrator for the "conversion sheet for the GRE." It's definitely starting...

Also, what is the deal with the new GRE? What's the max score? I don't understand how to interpret the news scores (not that it matters ALL that much in the grander scheme).

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