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Does anyone else feel like throwing up?


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I should hear back from schools by the end of March--latest. For the last month Ive been at work and done nothing but check e-mails, contact the schools, and look for other programs (in case I dont get in ANYWHERE--lets hope not).

I feel like im gonna barf everytime I log into my e-mail.

Furthermore, feeling like im going to get into a program one minute and rejected the next...sucks.

I can feel it...im probably getting an e-mail right NOW ---*checks e-mail* :roll:

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OMG that was totally me before I heard something. Good-somethings.

So if it helps, I can offer my empathy/sympathy!

Where are you applying?

I am applying to NYU Wagner, USC (Arnold PH), Tulane, Drexel, and Robinson Business.

I am REALLY hoping I get in somewhere....SOON.

Where did you apply/get in?

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There is, at this very moment, a bucket of raspberry sherbert that has challenged me to consume it in the next thirty minutes...

...And if it doesn't resurface, it'll be a small - but much appreciated - miracle.

Outside of my obvious peaks and valleys of emotions, I am trying, desperately, to find hope in this email I just recieved from my top pick. I sent the initial status inquiry - and staring at it, the reply email is very nice.... but what does that mean? Nothing. Hmph.

This is the most stressful spring break ever.

[[insert up-chucking here]]

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I thought hearing back would bring relief, but no. I pray for you not to get waitlisted.

My program told me I could be hearing back from them between now and AUGUST. What a relaxing summer!

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Omg, Even though I feel like I am in a good place (mentally and emotionally) if my last three programs reject me the waiting is kinda torture. I mean I wish I could just know, deal and then move on. Not to mention if I do actually get in somewhere I have to plan a cross-country move!

But the funny thing is that i am going on vacation next week, so if i do get some postal responses I won't even be able to check my mailbox 100 times a day! UGH! Don't get me wrong I am excited about my vacation, but how am i gonna relax knowing my mailbox at home could hold response letters!?

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Yeah I definitely just about threw up today as I dialed the number for my last program, to see if I could get some answer on whether or not I should still be holding out hope at this point. I was so uncharacteristically nervous that I had to write down what I was going to say when the coordinator picked up the phone.

But guess who picked up the phone. The answering machine. Yep...turns out their office is closed today and tomorrow for spring break.


I suppose the good news is that my lunch therefore stayed down.

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I feel like throwing up to.

My concentration at work is not at its peak, and it should be. Can you imagine not being admitted + being laid-off?

Worst possible combination ever.


OMG XD I was just thinking the same thing... last week my boss actually told me he was concerned with my performance... He asked me if being in all this process hadn't made me less interest in working here...

*Thinks he should get back to work instead of reading this thread*

Mmmm not at all, at most it made me more interested... I need to build up savings in order to go into grad school XD

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