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UCLA... is slowly driving me insane


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Well, it came in the mail today. Postmarked yesterday, the letter is dated April 30. :( Rejection letter. I really wanted it, too, and it's really starting to sink in that now I might be moving across the country in a few months for up to two years! But I knew that when I applied, and it'll definitely be an adventure. Does anyone know about appealing graduate decisions? Or if UCLA's MLIS program accepts transfers? I'm considering trying to find a job or volunteer in a library and just re-apply next year. I do like the other schools I applied to, but for personal family reasons, it might be best for me to try and stay local. The other schools I'm considering are Rutgers, Simmons, and San Jose State if anyone has any thoughts on those schools?

Thanks and best wishes to the rest of you!

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