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Opposite gender roommate


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All your posts have been about how SciencePerson101 is so hot, modest, admirable and humble. You shouldn't have stopped taking your medication. The dragons have come back.

Ever consider the possibility it's sarcasm? Edited by SciencePerson102
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Guest Gnome Chomsky

Ever consider the possibility it's sarcasm?

Ever consider the possibility you need a life?

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I lived with about 5 different female roommates and I am a male.  It is fine.  There weren't any clashes, there weren't any sexcapdes, there wasn't any sexual tension, etc. Although, I typically did my own thing cause I was quite introverted, but I did hang out with them quite a bit when I lived with them.  All-in-all, I prefer to live with males as roommates.  I can be more of my natural self, which sounds weird, but I definitely have to have some filter when I live with a female.

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I think a combination of a good mix of personalities and lifestyle habits are most important in order for it to work such as being tidy vs.messy, noisy vs. quiet, respectful of others vs. inconsiderate, etc.


That being said, some things I've noticed with some male roommates is that some leave empty beer bottles piled up in the kitchen and dirty dishes in the sink. Some also aren't into having weekly chores and they might not take too well to having a female ask them to chip in with the chores. But I've also had some very tidy male roommates who were tidier than me. Guys also tend to be less complicated and more upfront in general, which I like.


Some females are into having a weekly set of chores and dividing tasks while others can be messy and let dishes pile up. But I haven't really seen any issues with empty beer bottles piling up in the kitchen in my experience. It really varies. If there are any problems in the relationship, some females aren't comfortable expressing disagreement directly to you or having confrontations which can lead to passive aggressive behaviour. But if you don't have any major problems or if the roommate is flexible, adaptable or assertive then the living arrangement will go much more smoothly, IMO.

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I'm a woman with a male roommate. I've previously had other women as roommates; most were fine, only three (over 12 years of sharing living space) were terrible. Personality's the key, regardless of gender.


Current roommate is, as I said, a dude. We have some shared friends, but our own interests, and both tend to be either very on-top-of-things or a bit ditzy as far as housework (depending on our work days and other stuff going on). I'm the one who forgets to toss things in the recycling bin. I'm getting better about it (I always rinse things first and don't want to throw a wet can in a mostly-enclosed bin). He's fine with me occasionally using "his" milk and butter and helping eat the veggies from the garden. I try to make sure the dishes are kept up with, surfaces are clear, his cat's been fed, etc. It's been working out nicely so far. And we're both okay with sitting in the living room with a mutually-acceptable movie/show from Netflix while doing homework or playing on the internet.

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