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Networking Thread


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Since we are approaching the final days of this application season, I think it is a good time to start sharing contacts with each other. We did something similar last year, and I think it was a good idea.

If anyone wants to connect over facebook, please PM me.

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I'll be going to WUSTL or SLU, so if you're headed to either (or UMSTL) feel free to send me a PM. I'd love to connect with anyone who's gonna be in the St Louis philosophical community!

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I don't post often, but am nevertheless open to networking. For example, I am friends with both mattdest and dgswain, the latter of whom I met here, the former I know primarily from UM-SL. I also have a couple other friends that I met here from last year.

My interests are in 19th and 20th century philosophy and the philosophy of religion.

This year, I was accepted of the waitlist at Purdue and will be accepting, barring an acceptance at SLU, whom I've yet to hear back from. 

FiatRatio, feel free to get in touch since we seem to have similar areas of interest and I am at least currently in the St. Louis philosophical community.


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I'll be in K-Zoo at Western Michigan


Given the relative proximity to U of M (Ann Arbor), MSU (East Lansing), all the colleges in Grand Rapids, Purdue (West Lafayette, IN), WUSTL, Chicagoland, etc. ...I'm open to network! PM me for Facebook, Twitter or email.


AOIs are Early Modern, Phil of Religion, and Metaphysics

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Attending University of Missouri. Anyone can PM me. :-)


AOI are metaethics, action theory, philosophy of religion, and Kierkegaard.

I know a grad student there. Let me know if you want me to connect you with him. He's interested in philosophy of mind.

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